Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


Ready to Ca$h in with JBF?

  • As a consignor you make 60% of your sales less a $10 consignor fee which will be taken out of your check. (Team Members make 70% of their sales!)
  • With 5 full days of selling opportunities, your hard work pays off! Our average consingor check for the Spring 2015 event was over $500!
  • JBF has earned a reputation for quality items, which is why we have only the BEST gently used items for shoppers to choose from. Not having to sort through junk means shoppers will buy more and spend more on your incredible things.
  • Consignors and Team Members get to shop before the public to find the best deals FIRST on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.
  • JBF offers a free bar coding website. This will allow you a fun, fast & convenient way to price your items and track your sales!
  • You can put anything and everything that has to do with raising a child in the sale: clothing (fall/winter), shoes, toys, baby equipment, games...and maternity clothes!
  • Just Between Friends- Western Mainline supports local charities, so if you choose to donate your unsold items they go to use in our local community immediately to help moms and kids in need! If you choose not to donate, all of your items will be sorted and ready for pick up Monday, Sept. 28th from 4pm-7pm.



Were you PERFECT? Follow all guidelines outlined below as you must earn this status for each sale!  Check to see if you made the Perfect Consignor list for the Spring 2015 sale which gives you a fast pass for the Fall 2015 event.

Perfect Inspection is granted to consignors who have less than 3 items removed from the floor and/or rejected at drop off.  It pays to take the extra time to ONLY bring your very BEST!

Please note:  We will spot check each and every consignor to ensure only the highest quality merchandise is placed on the sales floor!  Consecutive participation is required to maintain your status - you need to have participated in the spring sale to be on the list for the fall.

Print your tags using the following guidelines:

  • All tags must be created using our free on line tagging site.  To enter, go to your PROFILE (top right corner of page) and go to ENTER TAGS
  • Use only white 8.5 X 11 CARDSTOCK, 67lb minimum. No regular copy paper or glitter paper will be accepted.
  • Use the Print Tags (Alternative) to print 6 tags per sheet versus 4 with the Print Tags method. Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your printer to use this option.
  • Please print with best quality to ensure the items can be read by scanners.
  • Do not shrink tag size as they cannot be read by scanners.

TIP: If you cannot print your tags at home please consider using a friend’s, relative’s or the library's computer/printer for your bar-coded tags.

Tagging with safety pins:  Please use size 2 (1 1/2") or larger safety pins; no straight pins or small gold ones. Remember all multi-piece clothing items must be safety pinned together through all pieces. This will prevent your items from separating.

Tagging with a tagging gun:  We highly recommend the use of using a tagging gun! It makes tagging much more efficient, and it leaves almost no markings when used properly.  To purchase a tagging gun, please see the information on the right of this page.

All tags should be put through the garment's tag at the back of the neck or waist. If a garment tag does not exist, please put the tag through the right underarm seam/waistband seam so that the material is not damaged by the tagging barb.

The tag needs to hang on the right side of the garment (when looking at the item) whenever possible since all other tags will be on that side.

Hanging instructions:

  • Clothing should be placed on the hanger in the direction of "?" mark.
  • Please hang size 0-6mo garments on child size hangers. Use adult size hangers when appropriate - to prevent the item(s) from falling off of hangers.
  • All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (hanger should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of item).
  • Safety pin clothing sets securely with pants hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.
  • Safety pin through BOTH pieces AND through the hanger (this will prevent pants from weighing down the shirt and causing a possible tear).
  • You can also use 2 hangers to display a "set", securing the tops of the hangers together with a rubberband or zip tie.
  • Please safety pin pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.

Hangers: (Plastic or wire hangers are acceptable.)  Everything that can be hung on a hanger, should be put on a hanger (this includes pj's, sleepers, onesies, etc.). This allows the shopper to better view your items, without having to take things out of plastic baggies to do so.

You do not need to purchase pant hangers. To attach pants to wire hangers, simply use safety pins and fasten pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.

Many local merchants give their hangers away ~ just call them before you go out to make sure they have an ample supply. Hangers will not be returned on clothing that is sold.

Everything you need to know to get in and out quickly!

Want to learn how to tag?

JBF is a piece of cake once you master the basics.  To learn how to tag, please register for a live training session conducted via webinar (you don't need to leave your house).  In the meantime, to watch a recorded session of JBF 101, please click here.


All things TAGGING:

Your hanging clothing should look like this picture! The direction of the hanger should form a "?" mark. Follow the guidelines on this page to ensure your items are properly tagged.

Wondering where you can find hangers?  Here's a handy dandy list we've compiled just for you!  Click here to download.

Tagging Kits Available!

Tagging is easier when you have all of the supplies at your finger tips.  We have just the tools you need to get going!  See details to below to purchase a full TAGGING KIT or a TAGGING GUN by clicking on "more info":

JBF TAGGING KITS include the following:

  • Tagging Gun
  • 1000 Attachers
  • 100 Hangers
  • 25 Pieces of White Card Stock

The cost of the kit is $30 + shipping.  To place your order, please click here and you will be taken to our secure PayPal account! 

If you would only like a TAGGING GUN with BARBS, they are available for $12 + shipping.  Please click here to place your order!

Should you have any questions about the tagging supplied, please email Tracy.

We love our repeat consignors and are thrilled to see familiar faces each season!  Even if you have participated in the past, you MUST click here to register for the upcoming sale so we have an accurate count.  More importantly, your inventory will not be pointed to the Western Mainline sale if do not update your status. 

Do you have more "stuff" than time? Consider our Valet Tagging service.  Click "more info" to get all of the details below!

Sign up ASAP! Limited spots are available. First, if you do not have a consignor #, click here to register.

Next, reserve your spot by clicking here.  We will assign you to one of our experienced Valet Taggers.

Bring your clean, sorted clothes, toys, books, games and other items to the designated Valet Tagger. Clothing must be on hangers and a completed Valet Tagging Waiver is required when you drop off your items!

The Valet Tagger prepares and tags your items (you have 1 day to approve the tags), takes them to the sale, puts them on the sales floor AND you still make 45%!! 50% if you volunteer for 4 hours - easy!!  You are responsible for picking up your unsold items if you chose not to donate,

You will be given a pre-sale pass to attend the consignor pre-sale Wednesday, Sept 23rd @ 12pm and you get to bring 1 guest! If you help at the sale, you will get in earlier, and earn more!

Please read your Valet Waiver carefully - even if you have participated in the program before, it is important to take a moment to reread this document.